Exiled Russian Nigella, 52, has £1m homes seized for daring to criticise Putin’s war in Ukraine

An exiled Russian celebrity author who has been referred to as her nation’s Nigella Lawson has had her homes seized for her opposition to the war in Ukraine. Bestselling author and influencer Belotserkovskaya, 52, has been one of Russia’s loudest critics of the war in Ukraine Veronika Belotserkovskaya, 52, also faces jail under draconian censorship … Read more

European Parliament APPROVES Ukraine EU candidacy… but it could be DECADES before the country joins

The European Parliament has approved Ukraine’s bid to join the EU in a vote backed by an overwhelming majority of MEPs. Leaders of the member states will gather in Brussels later today to discuss calls to formally grant Ukraine ‘candidate status’ to join the bloc, as Russian forces slowly advance in the eastern Donbas region. But some … Read more

Gordon Brown claims West ‘failed’ to stand up to Putin as he reveals Russian leader threatened him

Gordon Brown has revealed that Vladimir Putin threatened him during an official visit to Moscow and says the West ‘failed’ to stand up to the Russian President for years before his invasion of Ukraine. Mr Brown has also slammed ‘global disunity’ after 150 countries failed to impose sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. … Read more

Pope Francis Says Ukraine War Was “In Some Way Provoked”

Pope Francis addressed people at his weekly general audience at the Vatican. Rome: Pope Francis has taken a new series of swipes at Russia for its actions in Ukraine, saying its troops were brutal, cruel and ferocious, while praising Ukrainians for fighting for survival. But in the text of a conversation he had last month … Read more

Russia fires Cold War-era missiles in Ukraine after running out of precision rockets, MoD says

Russia is relying on Cold War-era missiles with ‘severe’ risks to civilians as Putin‘s forces have run out of modern weapons, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) claimed. The government’s daily intelligence update on Saturday also offered new details of ‘intense street fighting’ in eastern Ukraine as Russian soldiers were pushed back. Antiquated Kh-22 missiles … Read more